Sunday, August 30, 2009

Restroom and Water Fountain

This sign is posted outside of my art room. Of course, it's OK to use the restroom during art, too. I find that once students are engaged in learning, they seem to forget their need to use the restroom!

Must... Touch... Door Handle

What makes the door handle so attractive to hang on and turn?

(oops! I need to fix the word "Hande" to "Handle")


There are 3 sinks in the art room. 

The student sink is the only sink at a low enough level that all students can reach the faucet.

There is a sink in the middle of the counter but, that is blocked until we need to use it. There is usually art materials near the sink. Water splashes up on the counter even when I'm careful so, it's a "Do Not Use" sink most of the time.

I've designated the sink closest to the door as the "Teacher Sink" for a few reasons:
1. It's near the printer (this is the only place the intranet cable for the printer works)
2. I want a sink I can have things near that are "hands off" for students.
3. Most importantly, I've un-screwed the low flow washer so the water comes out fast. The other sinks take forever to fill up water buckets or to plates and brushes.

How to Wash Your Hands

There is a procedure for everything! New this year, "How to Wash Your Hands" signs which also includes, how to use the soap, get a paper towel, wipe the sink, throw the towel away and check to make sure you threw it away.

I also added little artworks that "speak" to students.