Sunday, August 30, 2009

Be Kind to Your Brush

I tell students that I can hear the brushes scream when their hairs are bending. (only art teachers can hear the brushes)

I tell students to be kind to their brushes and their brushes will help them paint better.

I say, "Your brush and your paint are your best friends while you are painting."

I need to make some more brush care usage signs:
- Don't twist the brush hairs
- Don't tap the brush on the side of the water bucket... etc.


{beth} said...

Funny. I tell kids that Mr. Brush gets upset when you press his head too hard into the paper...he gets so mad he might even make a hole in your paper. I also tell them that it gives Mr. Brush a headache when you tap him on the water bowl...he gets so upset he might even make a mess on your paper and your neighbor's...(water drops).

Heidi Graves said...

I tell the kids not to give the brush a bad hair day.