Saturday, August 22, 2009

Paint Distribution Made Easier

Here's a better way letting kids squeeze out the paint they need without the waste.

- Empty plastic ketchup/mustard squeeze bottles (the kind you see in diners)
- Clear plastic bags food storage bags (not ziploc)
- Paint

Line the bottle with the plastic bag. Fill with paint. Put top on bottle.
I have yet to try it but, this is going to be life changing... I can just feel it!


ChiQuiBaby said...

I've been using those bottles! They DO work. However, I pour the paint out for them b/c usually they pour out too much and that creates a lot of waste. =]

mediumpace said...

Hi Karen!

I found at "Dollar Deals" some GIANT clear ketchup-type bottles that were VERY cheap.

It worked GREAT for me, as I can see the colors through the bottles, add water etc....

Looking forward to catching up with you next Wed!
lauren pace

Karen said...

thanks for your comments. Yeah... it's a never ending battle to avoid wasted paint.

Lauren... awesome! Great tip. Yes, see you Wed!!

Mrs. Anderson said...

Did the food storage bag work? I'd love to hear and see a picture. Could you mash up custom mixed colors in baggie and then put it in? I bought some dispensers from Sax Arts and Crafts that are translucent. Many of them are cracking on the side. I wonder if the $1 store ones are just as good or better too.

Thanks so much!